I will make your workplace a better and safer place to be. First...a little about me

Who is Gerald Pauschmann?

I am that guy who will push your buttons to ensure you only get told the facts about how people behave under extremely stressfull situations. I have delivered dynamic presentations to the corporate world, in countries including the United States of America, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, PNG, Honiara and Malaysia. In the past five years, I have been the guest speaker at 60 national conferences and specialised in providing an understanding of human behaviour in the business context.

De-escalating hostile and violent people wasn't the DREAM

How it began all those years ago in 1986.

Jumping in the lifts in a Sydney city corporate office with a cappuccino in one hand and a CV in the other, a rather large distinguished Naval officer squeezed through the closing doors and bumped into me spilling the coffee on my professionally presented half page resume. Not happy would understate my emotion as I turned to the officer and said 'you right mate!... IDIOT'. As the lift ascended to the 42 floor I noticed that the officer and I were the only two left in the elevator. Coming to a grinding halt at my floor, I alighted with the officer who turned to me and asked, 'Can I help you with something?' I replied, 'I am here to see Mr N, I have an interview with him for a position as Sports Manager'' 

The officer said, 'No you don't, I'm Mr N'. I walked out of the opportunity of a life time because of my arrogance and belligerent attitude.

I told my father what had happened and what was to follow wasn't on my 'to do' list. My father said, 'There's the phone, call Mr N and apologise' APOLOGISE! Now there was a novel approach, call up the person i just abused and what?...get more abuse? So i called him up and said verbatim,

'Hello Mr N, my name is Gerald Pauschmann and I was the rude person who treated you with total disrespect and I called to apologise, I am so sorry, I'm the idiot, thanks for listening.'

I hung up and an hour later received a call from Mr N who offered me the sports managers position on board the cruise ship 'FAIRSTAR without an interview.

The lowest point in my life

At the age of 26, I was confronted and 'disturbed' at witnessing a suicide whilst working on board the cruise ship. I failed to successfully negotiate with a young man, and his life came to an abrupt end.

Having to deal with a lot of issues, my weight blew out to 123kg in 6 months. With very little confidence and low self esteem, I began a relentless and passionate journey of discovering how to pick myself up, brush myself off and immerse myself into 'Why people do the things they do under extreme pressure', and to learn how to effectively communicate and resolve potentially dangerous situations.

Spending the next 5 years on board the cruise liner I applied myself to the philosophy of 'positive psychology' resigning in the top job as the cruise director in 1990, but not before giving his first keynote presentation at a sales road-show to over 1200 travel agents in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to inspire them to go cruising in the south pacific.

Escape to isolation

Accepting a management role with Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation, and residing on Daydream Island in the Whitsundays, it was there that I began a career as the island's training manager. My goal was to turn under-performing individuals into high performing, goal oriented leaders, systematically coaching all the department managers with the motto 'Leadership is not a role, it's a behaviour'.

With a motivated team, we successfully transformed Daydream Island Travelodge Resort into a workplace of choice.

We were one of the very first Aussie-Host' accredited trainers, an organisation that had a primary goal of training whole cities and towns to become customer focused. In 1993 Daydream Island Travelodge Resort became the only Island in the Whitsundays to achieve a Gold status which required a minimum of 85% of the Island's staff attend the customer service workshop.

The dismissal

I just wasn't satisfied with the current audience numbers at the time, and I wanted to reach more people who were in need of an understanding of human behaviour. So in 1997, I moved to S.E. Queensland and was appointed the Education Manager with a management consulting company. After 2 years in that position I was dismissed for not following company guidelines!

The next day I registered a business (Pauschmanagement) so I could compete with existing management consulting companies and at last provide a straightforward and entertaining option for those seeking a fresh approach to training and workplace psychology.

Here I was; my own boss, own office but I had no business plan, no contacts, no written material and no clients!

Then eight months and over 650 telephone calls and 250 letters later, a breakthrough occurred.

Having a casual coffee at Sanctuary Cove, on Queensland's Gold Coast, a former passenger from the 'Fairstar' recognised the receding hairline and invited me to put a proposal together based on 'getting back to the basics in dealing with customers' for her organisation, (Morris International owned by Terry Morris (Sirromet Wines).

Present day

Since that day in 2000, I have presented to the corporate world, in countries including the United States of America, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, PNG, Honiara and Malaysia. In the past five years, he has been the guest speaker at 60 national conferences and specialised in providing an understanding of human behaviour in the business context.

Audience members have referred to my presentation style as entertaining and humorous.

As a human behaviour specialist, my leadership methods have enabled me to turn underperforming groups into achieving teams. The knowledge i like to imparts cannot be found in a management textbook, it has been developed through 30 years of experience working in the current workplace with real Australian individuals, teams and organisations.

I have a good understanding of contemporary management skills and I know how and when to apply them.

Having addressed over 15,000 people, clients have included: S.E Queensland Councils, Theiss, Watpac, Laing O'Rourke, Boeing, AUSTrade, Tourism Training Queensland, organisations within the Hotel and Hospitality industry, Metropolitan Funerals, UDIA, RACQ, Family Business Australia, Australian Car Rental Industry, ENERGEX, Australian Public Service Committee, Qld Police Service, PCYC, Crime & Misconduct Commission, Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, BDW, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Dept of Natural Resources and Mines, QUT, Griffith University, TAFE, Gold Coast Division of General Practice, Healthscope, QDI, Macarthur Coal, GHD Consultants, Australian Marketing Institute, International Quality & Productivity Centre, and the Australian Human Resources Institute.

Gerald likes to point out however, that his favourite presentation was to The Broncos cheerleading squad!

My philosophy

I have a simple philosophy when it comes to work / life balance. I work 120 days in the business, 120 days on my business and 120 days away from the business. (I allow myself 5 /6 days to complain about my business!)